Live Art Jam Featured Artists and Musicians

Oksana Gaidasheva Vancouver based artist originally from Minsk Belarus is famous for her massive mural arts alla round Vancouver especially Commercial drive and her latest project the Mural @ The Kozmik Zoo, Oksana describes her style as : “a perfection of my skills would be to determine your laterality and constallations while painting your portrait.”

Oksana's latest project at The Kozmik Zoo

Oksana’s latest project at The Kozmik Zoo

Nicole Parekh:

As she describes herself:

I am Nicole. I am a born and raised Vancouverite, a trained art therapist, a practicing artist, a eudaimonic psychonaut, a silent poet, a certified scuba diver, and a live light being!

Please Check her website for more of her works and her contact info

Nicole Parekh

Nicole Parekh

Dave Stevens

Born in on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Dave has lived across Canada and in Italy. He has also travelled through parts of Europe, the US,Cuba, China and Romania. He and his family  currently live in British Columbia.Dave studied art at Vancouver Community College, Langara, The University of British Columbia, and The Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design. Over the last 35 years he has been as an artist, and for 29 of those years he has also been an art teacher in the public school system.His work includes drawings, printmaking, painting, sculpture and mixed media.Dave has worked on a number of themes over the years but tends mostly towards landscapes and images expressing our humanity. In the past he has explored 12 men  carrying stones to build a memorial, the wind made visible as it touches the world and erosion of sandstone and wood. Recently Dave has concentrated on images that reflect the west coast of Canada, especially the Gulf Islands, where he and his family spend their summers. Two of his favorite subjects are arbutus trees and dragonflies.Dave’s goal as an artist is to create art that captivate viewers through both the concept of the work as well as it’s visual form. Historically works that have maintained their audience have connected both for their visual aesthetics as well their intent, somewhere between Expressionism and Formalism.

Please Visit his website for more info

Very Talented BC Artist Karen Rubkiewicz was one of our first guest artists for the art jam, Check out his website fore more details



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