HALLOWEEN EXTRAVAGANZA @ ThE KoZmIK zOo!!! 5 insane Shows in a row!!

The Kozmik Zoo is most probably the busiest Venue this Halloween with 5 Halloween Shows in Order Starting FRIDAY all the way to WED 31st!

FRI – OCT 26th! Mashed Poetics 12.5 Texas Flood by Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble

Mashed Poetics is a night of music and spoken word mash up
where poets come up with a new piece of work based on a song from a highlighted album
plus we have a cover band to play the entire album live at the show
Mashed Poetics 12.5 edition* is

Texas Flood by Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble

Friday October 26th
Participating poets include
Side A
Floyd VB—Love Struck Baby
Sean McGarragle–Pride and joy
RC Weslowski—Texas Flood
Mary Duffy—Tell Me
Fran Bourassa—Testify
Side B
Timothy Shay—Rude Mood
Renee Saklikar–Mary Had a Little Lamb
Dennis E. Bolen—Dirty Pool
Pam Bentley—I’m Crying
Heidi Greco—Lenny
“The Love Struck Babies” are the tribute band featuring
Spillious the Ridiculous One on lead guitar and vocals
Clint “Father Goose Wilson” on bass and
Neil Miskin on drums
The songs are performed in the order they appear on the album with the poets performing their work in between songs.
It all happens at the Kozmik Zoo: 53 West Broadway
Doors at 8pm. Show at 9 o’clock
$10 or $8 if you are wearing a costume (since it’s Halloween weekend)
604 215 9230 or rcarcee@yahoo.ca for more info

*this show was also recently done at the 2012 Canadian Festival of Spoken Word in Saskatoon with a completely different line up of poets hence the 12.5 designation for this event

******GRAB the “2 FOR 1 GREY GOOSE MARTINI” Offer From The Kozmik Zoo’s Facebook Page now and Enjoy it during the event, limited numbers available******

Very special EARLY SHOW! Neil E. Dee’s BIZARRIETY returns to the wonderful Kozmik Zoo.

Why so Special? Let me Tell You…
You get to see two Amazing moustaches, four amazing and different world class performers. Costume Contest & a Live Band.

Doors :
Bizarriety: 8-10
costume contest
Pendomoja: 10:30-1

This months show is featuring:

Russell Bruner-Portland, Or.
2012 BHOF “King of Boylesque”, Swing dancer, gentleman juggler

Paulina Munoz-Portland, Or
circus artist and dancer

Lydia DeCarllo-Vancouver, B.C.
Vancouver’s “Burlesque Darling”
classic, gorgeous, burlesque knock-out


Neil E. Dee
Host, and Sideshow Madman

After Bizarriety stay and dance yer butts off to

…born and raised in East Africa, the core of the band , Marc and Purple, met in Kenya several years ago and till today they play a mix of reggae with a hint of african and round it out with some blues, Straight from the heart Pendomoja sings from their heart and soul spreading the message of peace and love”

The Sunday Service, Halloween Edition
The Sundead Serv-icicle in your body because it’s been stabbed there!
It’s pitch black, but you can still see the charred, blue eyes of a doll’s head, ringed by plastic skin bubbled up as if with the plague, follow your every motion. A shiver cracks your spine like a whip.

You curse yourself for coming here, what damn fool idea gave you the courage that’s now nowhere in sight as you tip-toe through the burnt-out bowels of the orphanage, the same one that mysteriously burned down on Halloween, 1989…

Some say it was because a young orphan named Ryan, whose shortpants and ev

erything accidentally fell down midway through his solo performance of Henry the 8th during drama time. In his rage he burned the place down so that no one would live to tell the tale of Henry’s 2 and a half…

Others say a little boy named Emmett was unfortunate enough to catch a nun making time with a priest, and so the illicit lovers lit his little toy piano on fire, where it spread uncontrollably…

There’s talk of the orphanage’s sole female orphan, Caitlin, who could no longer bear being mocked for her ability to birth life itself, and so used her telekinesis to light a little match next to some greasy rags…

Another version is that an orphan named Kevin was humping a pillow so fast it ignited and so fire went all over the place. If you listen, you can still hear him humping…

Yet another yarn has it that the orphanage bully, Taz, got tired of just punchin’ kids with his fist, so he lit his fist on fire and missed a punch, landing it directly into a gas can…

A few hold that an outcast named Aaron, who worshipped Satan and his dark minions, summoned the Dark Lord himself, to challenged him to a duel for the right to his throne in Hell. The Devil lit him on fire and he died immediately…

Few know the true story behind the orphanage’s fate, but you, CRAIG ANDERSON, the lone runaway who escaped that fire many moons ago, RETURNS to find out!

Who knows what other SPECIAL GHOSTS are haunting these halls, cackling from the dark reaches!

Tuesday 30th. DEVIL’S NIGHT @ The Kozmik Zoo
CONTRABAND (The Great Reunion show!)
http://my.cfox.com/contraband – One of their many hit singles!

THE DADOLESCENTS (Middle aged guys gone crazy, 90’s p0p punk style!)

A.C Fiend & The ReZurrection ( Horror punk rawk & rol!l )
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6eIbyBI-H24 (I’m trimmer now!)

Doors @ 8pm ( Come early get foodz! )
Show @ 9pm
$7 @ The door


!! feat. Burlesque Dancers CALAMITY KATE & VILLAINY LOVELESS!!
This is going to be a really ridiculous good time. We’ve been rehearsing and it’s been ridiculous…and a really good time.
The Kozmik Zoo is the place to be on Halloween this year as the hottest Kiss tribute band in the land comes together for a special one-off performance!! All your favorite Kiss classics and a few choice deep cuts as well.
The evening will also feature the Burlesque stylings of Calamity Kate & Villainy Loveless!

COSTUME CONTEST!! Come dressed to kill!
$10 doors 8 show 9
Dressed to Kill are:
Matt Reid as Gene “The Demon” Simmons
Jimmy Baldwin as Paul “Starchild” Stanley
Lee McDonough as Space Ace Frehley
Scotty K Jones as Peter “Catman” Criss

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