Vibe is HERE! Followed by another AMAZING Sunday Service! Come repent ya’ll!

Truespin Records presents…


A new club event designed to showcase Vancouver’s rising stars in the production circuit specifically created for local talent!




The ShaMANoiD aka Soma is the bridge between the ancient spiritual and ancestral worlds of the Shaman and the magic in the technology of the future.

A fusion of cutting edge electronica and acoustic tribal, ethnic and world music. A blend of electronic production with live instrumentation incorporating live sitar, drums, percussion, bass and synths.

ShaMANoiD’s music was initially created especially for the SomaSoundSystem, which organised unique and secret Electro Tribal Gatherings at sacred sites in Mexico. Such as on top of Mayan temples, inside sacred caves (Cenotes), deserts jungles and volcanoes to coincide with special celestial dates. (full moons, equinoxes, eclipses etc)

ShaMANoiD is created by British producer Stef Soma, whom also created and is known as Divine Soma Experiment, the SomaSoundSystem and DJ Soma. These acts have toured Japan, China, Bali, Thailand, Honduras, Belize, Guatemala, Mexico, USA, Canada, UK, France, Switzerland, Spain and most of Western Europe, playing festivals and other ‘underground’ venues.

In less than 6 months ShaMANoiD, hit No1 in the electronic music charts for BC, Canada and No 16 Globally [reverbnation], supported Bluetech, Karsh Kale and performed main slots/headlined Intention, Entheos Gathering, Diversity Festival, Towards Eden Festival, Sound Clash Of The Titans etc.

Most their music (stereo format only) has been freely available One will have to go to a live show to truly experience the ShaMANoiD’s mind-blowing live environment.




Born and raised on grunge, punk, and hardstyle beats, Steve pushes the boundaries of what 130 beats per minute can do to a dance floor. Dark, driving, progressive bass lines are key to his performances and productions and are reflective of his many influences in the prog tech and techno scene.

Follow his monthly radio show on

Konnection Facebook page:



J.A.DJ. Aka, Garret Friesen is anything but ( Just Another DJ)! He was first introduced to electronic music by his brother when he was 14. He instantly started looking for electronic music in his local music stores and found himself connecting with the infectious groove
s by Daft Punk, The Prodigy, Scooter , Praga Khan and Tony De Vit .

After a few years of listening, he wanted to experience it for himself, so he got involved with the local party scene. By early 2000 he was addicted to collecting records & along with his friend Adam Bradly ( DJ Digaboo ) they started playing at house parties.

As the year went on, top local DJ’s took notice and with their help he got his first show in September 2000 and had also expanded his record collection to include such styles as House, Electro, Techno, Trance, Breaks & pretty much everything in between. He quickly rose up in the ranks and had become a local favorite due to his skills and how he handled himself on stage.

Not long after, he had become one of Canada’s premiere DJ’s. J.A.DJ is well known throughout Canada and has played some of the most well known and attended music festivals, parties, and clubs such as; Motion Notion , Serendipity , Connect & Free Flow. Needless to say he has played along side many of the worlds top producers.

In the last ten years J.A.DJ has been a main staple in the Saskatchewan Electronic Music scene, involving himself in almost every aspect from DJing to promoting and every in between.

Recently, he has made the move to Vancouver, BC to follow his passion of producing and sound engineering at Pacific Audio Visual Institute . His stage presence, pulsing beats combined with epic breakdowns, crazy build ups, wikid basslines and tight technical skills, always makes the crowd go nuts leaving them breathless & wanting more! J.A.DJ is a MUST SEE and he will have your event goers patting you on the back for booking him.



Canadian born in Edmonton, Alberta and raised in the prairie city of Winnipeg, Ninjette is a heavy hitter in the Western Canadian bass music scene. Currently residing in a city of rain forest, mountains and ocean; Vancouver, British Columbia. As a youth she spent most of her spare time studying classical music theory and training as a
vocalist in several reputable choirs as well as solo festival vocal competitions. She has always put music first, even as a child.

As a teenager she discovered the electronic dance music scene and never looked back. Staying involved in most of the major EDM club nights throughout the city of Winnipeg over the course of several years, she used her drive and ambition to become a leader in the underground afterhours scene as an event promoter. Being surrounded by talented DJs and producers, and putting her classical music career on the side to accommodate her new found love for electronic music, the next step that only made sense was to get behind the decks and spin up a storm. Observing her local influences as well as international artists to develop her ninja skills, she launched her blossoming DJ career and spread her love of mixing and music across the country. Rocking out the electro, bassline and fidget house sounds.

In 2009 she found her new place in Western Canada and dove head first into the bass heavy drum genres and incorporating live vocals into her performances. She later developed and maintained a solid festival circuit, gracing stages such as SYNCfest, The Groove, Motion Notion, Connect, Mad Hatter and Sexy Sounds and sharing stages with reputable artists including Aphrodite, Dirtyphonics, Bare Noise, Ill Gates, Sticky Buds and many others. This Miss is a force to be reckoned with. She presently holds a position as Talent and Operations Manager of Sexy Sounds Music Festival, responsible for booking the largest entirely female DJ and performer line up that Canada has ever seen.

Although the Canadian scene has been full of opportunity for her, let that not be the end all be all. February 2012 began her Central American tour, offering further exposure all across Costa Rica and Panama. Kicking off the summer season with a bang, DnB Girls of Canada presented the 2012 Bass Belle Western Canada tour featuring Ninjette, Crystal Fresh, Jams, Mittz and Isis Graham.

Stay tuned for Ninjette in a city or music festival near you. Behind the decks her passion and energy inspires the dancer that lurks within us all with the grimiest high energy beats guaranteed to burn a hole in your shoes.




Turn up before 10:30 and enter to WIN a FULL DAY of FREE studio time courtesy of FADER MASTER SOUND STUDIOS


Turn up before 10:30 and enter to WIN FREE mastering courtesy of

All additional sound and lights provided by

Additional promotion provided by

Additional promotion provided by
(tune in every Sunday at 10pm CiTR 101.9 FM or

Additional promotion provided by
Sounds of the City
(tune in every Friday at 10pm CiTR 101.9 FM or



$5.00 (Tickets available soon)

The Kozmik Zoo
53 West Broadway

Doors: 9PM SHARP!


Yup. That’s right, everybody who lives here, the fucking rain is back.

<sarcasm>oh, the rain is back? oh no! that sucks so bad, I miss the sun, oh man! I hate the rain!</sarcasm>

Why hate on the rain so much, people who live here? The rain is important and this Sunday, if you slog through it, you can witness a Sunday Service dedicated to the appreciation of the rain and rain related topics.

Ryan Beil explains how the rain keeps our city cleaner than our grimy/grubby cousin-cities Calgary or Edmonton or even the big dumb one, Toronto.

Taz VanRassel will perform his infamous “Rhianna Medley Rain Dance” Boylesque number (everyone in the audience will given a squirt bottle)

Kevin Lee will show everyone how to make home made galoshes out of old galoshes!

Emmett Hall will force everyone to do that soundscape that sounds like a rainstorm that you probably had to do in elementary school music class. You know, the one where everyone sits in a circle and starts by patting on the floor and then it builds to clapping? It’s super tedious and super boring.

Caitlin Howden will show a power point presentation on famous parades that have been rained on and the effects thereof.

and special guest Mark Chavez will woefully stare out the window and think longingly of his home state of New Mexico and wonder:


This sunday, 9pm, 53 W. Broadway




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