“Thursday 10.11.12” Vancouver Weekly Live Art Jam Launch Party – $4Draft / $4Wine

The Kozmik Zoo is proud to Present it’s first Vancouver Live Art Jam! This weekly event will be held every thursday 8Pm at The Kozmik Zoo at 53 W broadway St.
Each week we’re hosting different artists paired with different musicians, the arts are improvised and created inspired by the music performed in the room.
THE VIBE of the room is going to be the key for the creations on both sides.
So being your smiles, great vibes, creative energies , friends and even your hot dates to this amazing event!

Call 604 875 9006 or
Write to : reservations@thekozmikzoo.com for reservationsCelebrate this beautiful event with****$4 pints +
****$4 glasses of wine!!Musician : Tom Heukendorff on Piano and Vocals
Artists: Oksana Gaidasheva and KAREN RUBKIEWICZ!!

Dinner specials: Receive %25 off from 5 PM to 8:00 PM

A bottle of champagne , numerous drinks and gift cards to give away during the show.

Cover By Donation (No Minimum Donation required, Pay what you can)


10 Artists chosen, just few more slots open, dont miss your chance, contact us today and be a part of this amazing experience!

The Kozmik Zoo is a fairly new Lounge with Nightly live Entertainment on Broadway St. in Vancouver BC (53 W Broadway St. Between Manitoba and Ontario St.)
We are planning on having a WEEKLY LIVE ART JAM every thursday Starting Second week of Oct. For those who haven’t experienced this type of event, two artists will improvise on the ideas and inspirations that they receive from the music that night. The Music is played by some of Vancouver’s best local musicians and top tasteful DJs of this city. The style is anything from old school Funk, Hip hop R&B to Jazz , swing, world and any quality music that suits the selected artist’s musical taste.
The benefits of being a part of the Art jam :
*Getting your art exposed to SERIOUS buyers (last event 4 of the pieces were sold on the spot)
*will get professional photos/videos and exposure on the Venue’s website/Social networking websites (facebook/twitter etc) and The night’s wall of fame
*Potentially becoming a regular (Seasonal, monthly, weekly) artists for the event
*Receive dinner package from the venue
*Be a part of Seasonal “Kozmik Zoo Art Gallery Exhibition” which will be held at a great location in town rented by the venue and sponsored by big names in Arts/Fashion industry in Vancouver
*It’s doing what you love to do while letting the guests enjoy watching you getting inspired which adds a value to your production

What is expected from you : be able to finish at least 2 works per night so you can name/present market them the same night (if you wish to sell of course, No Pressure)

Last time we had this event we hosted comic artists from LA California , Jim Mahfood and Dave Crosland and the event was really successful for the artists, venue and the musicians.
Here’s some video/footage from last gig (loud sound) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_KUAAJA1snw&list=UUqiLOagUY76eu7ETtbDTotA&index=59&feature=plcp
A video of our other guest in SF http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFXPpGug7Iw&feature=related

Expected from you:
* To bring your friends family and network to the event to support you ,the event and help create a better night
* Send over your portfolio/samples of your style (ANY style welcome at this stage) and your fav type of music (or the one’s you get inspired by)
* You’ll be expected to help designing your own poster for the event (each month a poster wins the best poster of the month and will win great prizes from cash,booze,art supplies to free photography sessions and more
* No Spray Painting Please

Submit your applications to the email above (Subject: Live Art Application)

The more information about your Art and your personality the better

Let THE FUN Begin!!!!

Tom Heuckendorff


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