Anita Eccelston Jazz Quartet Thursday a great Prelude to Mayhem on Friday and Saturday : Oakland Ensemble,VCC Latin Jazz Ensemble on Friday and Kozmik Sat @ The Zoo with Dave Morin, Cam Gunn and the unsung ,TPick and THE MOONSHINE EXPRESS!

The Kozmik is proud to be hosting so many amazing musicians, bands and entertainers on our stage, the line up for this weekend is so heavy and rich its almost overwhelming. a Night of beautiful Jazz and hit covers by our gorgeous friend Anita is gonna prepare us for  VCC Latin Jazz band and The OAKLAND Ensemble (Tower of power tribute band) to make you all dance on friday night.


Another epic episode of Kozmik Sat @ The Zoo series will turn this room into the hottest spot to be in Vancouver on a sat night.

David Morin

Cam Gunn and the unsung

TPick and Brittany Ewert


Footage from their last show at The Zoo

DANCE Till it hurts! 🙂

The Sunday Service (The best Comedy Group in Vancouver and arguably Canada ) is the perfect way to wrap up your week.

JOIN US LOVIN The Change of Seasons!


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