Soft Morning City Live @ The Kozmik Zoo

Soft Morning City is the latest project of Saxophonist/Composer John Paton. The project was originally conceived as a vehicle to play with former Vancouver based drummer Ivan Bamford. The unique two guitar/no bass instrumentation is spacious yet full while leaving plenty of space for the drummer to leave his mark. After a successful debut at one of Vancouver’s growing creative venues, El Barrio, the band teamed up with Vancouver-based drummer Paul Townsend to record a five song demo at the Warehouse Studio in Vancouver. Currently, the group is collaborating with Cole Schmidt on an artist-in-residency at their favourite creative music venue and hopes to document its music further in the future.

The line-up is:
John Paton – Tenor Saxophone
Kevin Elaschuk – Trumpet
Cole Schmidt – Guitar
Sam King – Guitar
Paul Townsend – Drums

We’ve been working really hard preparing this music and we hope you will come check it out. There will be a $5 cover for two sets. You can hear recordings of the band at


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