Sat Jan 28th. CAST, Reuben Bullock and DJ Thrillswitch

The feast of St. AmmaR Feat. CAST, Reuben Bullock and DJ Thrillswitch:
Fire dance in the street, massive jam sessions, getting plastered and passing out under the kitchen table, waking up with the one who shouldn’t be and finally getting pepper sprayed! We had it all for the past few years, now we’re gonna party with a couple of coolest bands out there Ben Brown’s CAST and all the way from Alberta the very talented Reuben Bullock. Reuben’s band was supposed to sell out the Biltmore but they got cancelled due to some “technical issues” and we are damn lucky enough to have them that night.
Just announced : DJ Thrillswitch will spin some old school funk,R&B and hip hop before,between and after the sets!

COME DOWN TO THE KOZMIK ZOO ON SAT 28th FOR MAD PARTYING (and possibly the most reasonable drinks you can get at any bar that night with the exception of the hoe!)
Starting with
$3.5 Shooters
$4 draft
$5.75 dbl martinis!
and Bottle services

There will be more performances as the night goes on! Will keep you posted!

Here’s a write up on the band:

“Reuben Bullock unassumingly holds huge influence in Calgary’s burgeoning new art and folk movement. Whether it’s directing the on going roster of Market Collective musicians, co-producing Shot at the Dark music videos or playing for hours in full cafes, empty tunnels, or old city buses, Bullock is a fresh breath for traditionalism.”( ) His debut
album, “pulling up arrows” is already attracting attention for its subtle arrangements and rich lyrics. Working with producer/multi-instrumentalist Jay Crocker, Reuben used a minimalistic approach to recording the album. In a tool shed-turned recording studio, “pulling up arrows” took shape using all analog recording equipment, placing an emphasis on the process as much as the finished product. “Bullock’s voice is intimate and immediate;
note-perfect to deliver his testaments and make them resonate.He somehow manages to evoke some of the greatest folk singers without even once sounding imitative.”-( ) In short, music that remembers and forgets. The way death affects life and heartache molds love, these songs share memories and tell stories. The rich, layered lyrics of Reuben Bullock, follow simple melodies and slip below the surface into the depths of the ocean. Calm and Powerful.


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